Secure your bankroll

The bankroll in casino bets is the total budget available to the player for the exercise of all their bets in the top UK casinos online. It is not about the amount that is allocated to bet a day, or a week or a month, it is the total that you will invest and that in case of losing it you would have to start over, rethinking the strategy or simply stop playing.

What is a bankroll?

The bankroll is the total amount available to the player to place their bets. It can increase or decrease depending on the results that are given and precisely that is a criterion to take into account when carrying out a strategy or bankroll management. This term bankroll is also used in similar activities such as poker.

How to manage the bankroll in betting?

There are multiple strategies, but almost all point in the same direction. It is convenient to have amounts at stake that in case of failure of the bets, it is invaluable for the bankroll, for example with a total budget of £200 not to play bets of more than £3 in each game of online craps. This rule should be maintained especially in case of losses since many inexperienced bettors make the mistake of betting equal or even greater amounts when they lose with the idea of ​​”recovering” what they lost in the previous bet. Those actions often lead to bankruptcy.

What is the Kelly Criterion?

The Kelly criterion is an equation used as a bankroll strategy that allows you to determine the amount to bet on an event based on its estimated real probability, the amount of bankroll available and the odds offered by the house.

The formula is:

Bankroll percentage = (((Odd x (Probability estimate / 100)) – 1) / (Odd – 1)) x 100

How does the scale of the stakes work?

Stake scales are an indefinite value that cannot be calculated mathematically and are intended to group the bets of several stakes according to whether we consider them slightly reliable, interesting, appropriate, very good bet or excellent. For example, stakes 1 and 2 could be considered slightly reliable bets and stakes 9 and 10, excellent bets.

What is yield and how to calculate it?

The yield is possibly the most important value to consider when evaluating the work of a tipster. It is the performance of the total of the bets made as a percentage and is calculated by multiplying the net result of the bets by x100 and then divided by the capital played. The result expresses the percentage that has been obtained for each pound for each unit played.

Tips for managing a low bankroll

Always bet the minimum amount, which can be for example 1 pound. Do not make the mistake of playing the entire amount in the same bet or on the same day since losing your bankroll means stopping playing or having to re-enter money.

It is convenient to look for bets that are as profitable as possible and play very low amounts like in online baccarat, and until the bankroll does not rise as a result of the results, do not increase the amount to play no matter how attractive a bet is.